Katerina Barsukova, sand graphics - Olga Aleksandrova Management Commission 2020

Pictures at an exhibition
Pictures at an exhibition

Katerina Barsukova, sand-art & Camerata Venia / Gleb Skvortsov, conducting - October 5 (Lausanne) & October 6 (Geneva) 2020

Choeur du Patriarcat 1p-Jean-Matthieu Ga
Choeur du Patriarcat 1p-Jean-Matthieu Ga

Choeur du Patriarcat russe de Moscou, Anatoly Grindenko - direction artistique


Katerina Barsukova, sand graphics - Olga Aleksandrova Management Commission 2020

Katerina Barsukova
Back to France for Christmas

Katerina Barsukova will be touring in Monaco and France from December 15th to 23th of December with "Nutcracker" (with the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic) and 3 "Peter and the Wolf" performances  (with the Mulhouse Symphony Orchestra).

Some masterclasses are planned between the performances.

Katerina Barsukova 2-Victoria Nazarova.j
Stabat Mater, G.B. Pergolesi
Digital Art by Daria Kotyukh

We have a new masterpiece in our visual art / music repertoire: Stabat Mater by Pergolesi. A real challenge for Daria Kotyukh who created the piercing digital images blended with the art of calligraphy.

Stabat Mater-Daria Kotyukh 9.jpg
Carmina Burana, C. Orff
immersive performance

3 dates - 3 wonderful experiences after a long break - 3 encounters with music, visual digital decoration and motivated and inspired artists. The Orchestra and Choir of the St. Petersburg Youth Opera and graphic design in 3D mapping by Daria Kotyukh and Dmitry Ermolin. The October 18 concert was broadcast live on Youtube.

Watch the video >>

Carmina Burana icon-Dmitri Ermolin.jpg
inspired by Richard Strauss

Our agency has commissioned to Katerina Barsukova a work that would speak about her. She was free to choose a style, means and a theme. "Who am I?" - it is perhaps the most difficult question of humanity the she had to ask herself.

Inspired by Richard Strauss's Metamorphoses, influenced by René Magritte and Auguste Rodin, Katerina created her own universe.

Metamorphosen-Katerina Barsukova, sand-a
Cultural deconfinement :
Pictures at an Exhibition in Switzerland

The Pictures at an Exhibition with Katerina Barsukova and the Camerata Venia orchestra will be our first project in Europe since March 2020. The path is still uncertain, but we strongly believe that on October 5 we will be in Lausanne and October 6 in Geneva to regain this thrilling sensation of the live performance.

Watch the teaser Pictures at an Exhibition >>

Tableaux d'une exposition-Katerina Barsu
Anderson & Roe reinvent themselves at Portland International Piano

Greg and Liz are once again pushing the boundaries of what is possible in classical music. On August 15th and 16th they gave a captivating live stream show with 10 new videos and 6 new transcriptions, from live solo and duo performances, from Bach's Goldberg Variations to the premiere of "Corona Meditation" by Gerd Kühr, the interaction with the audience and many other musical surprises for the Portland International Piano. A real delight! 

Their concert on October 2, 2020 at the Rungis Piano-Piano Festival is postponed for 2021.
The Little Mermaid
Wander-tale on sand

The lockdown period has been hard but beneficial for great collaborations like this one. Katerina Barsukova and the young pianist Anastasia Antropova founded the Wander-Tales project to offer children and adults their versions of marvelous tales in union with sand drawing and music.

Watch their pilot "The Little Mermaid" by

H. Ch. Andersen, the story of two lovers from different worlds.

Daria Kotyukh vs Stabat Mater Pergolesi

While the lockdown Daria Kotyukh devoted herself to her passion: calligraphy. Pergolesi's "Stabat Mater", which was to be presented last April, served as a source for inspiration and creation.

Stabat Mater Pergolesi-Daria Kotyukh 12.
Moscow Russian Patriachate Choir
First european concert after the lockdown

The Moscow Russian Patriarchate Choir will break the european lockdown and deliver their first concert on July 8th, 2021 in Zadar, Croatia. The total mobilization is required to deliver their best after such a long intermission.

Moscow Russian Patriarchate Choir-Jean-M
Peter and the Wolf in Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Despite all the restrictions and difficulties, we continue to create.

The Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Philippe Béran, Katerina Barsukova and Julie Depardieu will meet in Monte-Carlo on February 24, 2021 to present a suspense show "Pierre et le loup"  written by 

S. Prokofiev.

Pierre et le loup-Katerina Barsukova.png
Primavera Portena by A. Piazzolla
New Anderson & Roe's video

Anderson & Roe's new video has just been released on YouTube and Facebook and already watched 14 000 times!

Hurry up to experience the 4-hands tango. Filmed it before the shut down Greg and Liz took advantage of their confinement separation to edit it. Another example of positive energy during global chaos.

Watch the video >>

Anderzon & Roe-Lisa-Marie+Mazzucco-3.jpg
Mozart & Bach : a new season of concerts is back

In Russia, performing activities are gradually starting to pick up: Daria Kotyukh's first concerts are scheduled for September 19 (Mozart & Bach) and September 20 (Mozart's Requiem) in Saint Petersburg at the Church of St. Anne. These are the projects with digital design and 3D mapping carried out by Dmitry Ermolin.

On November 29, the Moscow Cinema House will welcome her in the program with the Noir Quartet "Pushkin's Tales".

Watch the teaser Mozart & Bach >>

Requiem icon-Daria Kotyukh.jpg
Beauty and the Beast 
A new wander-tale

It seems that there are three things we can look on forever: water, fire and the starry sky. I think I found one more: sand with music. Beauty and the Beast, a fantasy on Chopin's music with sand-art, to be contemplated without moderation!

Watch Beauty and the Beast >>

"Rothschild's Fiddle"
Moscow New Generation Theatre

The RUSARTS association and the agency "Olga Aleksandrova Management" are pleased to announce the arrival of the Moscow New Generation Theatre (MTYUZ) with the production "Rothschild''s Fiddle" after A. Tchekhov, directed by Kama Guinkas, in France. 


The two performances of the famous Russian theatre will take place on May 29 and 30, 2021 at the Courbevoie Event Center (France).


We warmly thank the City of Courbevoie, the City of Moscow and the Russian federal program "Russian Seasons in France - 2020", without whose support this project could not take place. 


The MTYUZ theater has a long history and is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Today, it is not only a theater, but also a real staging laboratory, directed by the masters of the Russian scene, Henrietta Yanovskaya and Kama Ginkas. 


We hope this show brings you the most important thing we expect from the theater - the emotions. The artistic team is exceptional. This is the Chekhov as you have never seen it! We wish you a very good show! 


The ticket office opens is open on

Le Violon de Rothschild.jpg
Anderson & Roe
Hallelujah Variations

The production and editing of the new videos do not stop with the lockdown. Halleluja Variations by Leonard Cohen in a stunning piano interpretation by Anderson and Roe Piano Duo.

Watch Halleluja Varisations

Anderson & Roe+Lisa-Marie+Mazzucco petit
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