Kama Ginkas, stage director and professor

Winner of the State Prize of the Russian Federation, People’s Artist of Russia



On the way to ... F.Dostoevsky


Lady Macbeth of our district, N. Leskov


A Small Ridiculous Problem,

F. Dostoevsky


The Black Monk, A. Chekhov


The Lady with the Lapdog,

A. Chekhov


Rothschild’s Fiddle,

A. Chekhov


The Happy Prince, O. Wilde


Medea, L.A. Seneca


Nocturne, A. Ramp


Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? E. Albee


Shakespeare’s Jesters


K.I. from CRIME,

F. Dostoevsky


Pushkin. Duel. Death. 

K. Ginkas

Documentaire sur Kama Guinkas (en)

Kama Ginkas was born in Lithuania in 1941. He graduated from the Georgy Tovstonogov’s directing class at the Leningrad State Institute of Music and Cinema in 1967.

For two years he headed up the Young Spectators Theatre in Krasnoyarsk.

Kama Ginkas has been working in Moscow since 1981. During this time in Moscow he directed several productions in the best Moscow theatres : the MKHAT, the Mossovet Theatre, the Mayakovsky Theatre, the Moscow Tabakov Theatre and others.

In 1988 Ginkas started working with the Moscow New Generation Theatre (MTYUZ) where he has staged his best works : Chekhov’s trilogy (The Black Monk, The Lady with the Lapdog, Rothschild’s Fiddle), productions based on Dostoevsky (Notes from the Underground, We Play “Crime”, K.I. from « Crime », A Small Ridiculous Poem, On the way to…), his own dramatization (The Execution of the Decembrists, Pushkin. Duel. Death, Dreams of exile), and philosophical stories for the « young generation » (The Golden Cockcrow by Pushkin, The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde).

Kama Ginkas also staged The Polyphony of the World in the Third Theatre Olympics in Moscow in 2001. Such world’s known stars like Gidon Kremer and the Kremerata Baltica, Les Percussions de Strasbourg, musical artists from the USA, Australia, Germany, Russia, Armenia are performing in this production. Ginkas’s productions have frequently taken part in international festivals in Germany, France (Avignon –1997), Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Yugoslavia, Turkey, South Korea, Brazil, Colombia and other countries.

His most famous productions abroad are: Kobekin’s opera N.F.B. (Germany), Chekhov’s The Lady with the Lapdog (Turkey), Chekhov’s Ward No. 6, Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot and Crime and Punishment, Chekhov’s The Seagull, and Life is Beautiful (based on stories by Chekhov), Shakespeare’s Macbeth (Finland), Chekhov’s The Lady with the Lapdog (Yale Repertory Theater and the theater «Guthrie» USA).

In 2014 Kama Ginkas was again awarded the Crystal Turandot Prize and the Stanislavsky Prize for his production Lady Macbeth of our district by Nikolay Leskov.

Kama Ginkas is a professor at the Swedish Academy in Helsinki, Finland and a professor of the Moscow Art Theatre Studio . He was invited to lecture and lead workshops in many theatre schools and Universities in England, USA, Canada, France, Norway and Finland. In 1998 he headed the actors/directors laboratory in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre (England).

Kama Ginkas is the author (with the participation of John Freedman) of the book “Provoking Theatre. Kama Ginkas directs” (USA, 2003, “Smith and Kraus”).



The State Prize of Russia for productions K.I. from CRIME and The Execution of the Decembrists

« The Golden Mask » national theatre prize for productions The Lady with the Lapdog and Rothschild’s Fiddle

« The Crystal Turandot » Prize for K.I. from CRIME, The Black Monk, Roberto Zucco and Lady Macbeth of our District

The Stanislavsky Prize for Lady Macbeth of our District

Mikhail Tumanishvili Prize for the Perfection in Art in the production The Black Monk

« The Seagull » Prize for the productions The Black Monk and A small Ridiculous Poem

« The Triumph » Prize

Georgy Tovstonogov Prize