Mission Harpossible, a comic musical show

with the harp duet Claire Iselin Alicia Griffiths, Stage Director - Cyril Roche

 A show where classical music mixes with humour and elegance flirts with burlesque 

 Not easy to find the harmony ! 

What happens when two harpists meet on the occasion of the final round of an audition to enter one of the biggest orchestras in the world? A lot is to be expected: low blows, hidden blows, back-stabbing, who will be first to perform the most beautiful piece of music and, with big smiles, will throw the other one out of the competition? 

At once a high-level musical show and an original duo - even if a little crazy - these two classical harpists do not hesitate to parody themselves for our greatest enjoyment. 

Burlesque, melodious, poetic, moving, comical, this production for all audiences will captivate music lovers as well as laymen. 

With artistic touches ranging from Chaplin to high-standard chamber music, with melodies ranging from Debussy to Morricone, this show revisits the classical harp in an unprecedented way. It gives common preconceptions a new lease on life, it tickles the musicians’ world and helps to discover a unique and little-appreciated instrument. 

The original idea of the show - Claire Iselin

The winner of major international prizes such as the IBLA International Music Competition 2013, she also received a special Marson Prize mention for remarkable talent and the Grace M. Susino Prize. She also won the City Music Foundation Award 2013, Isabel Bond Gold Medal Competition and the John Marson Prize for Young Musicians’ Creativity and Excellence. 

It is with a true desire to combine refined music and theatrical performance, a new musical experience and a mockery of human relationships, that the three of us joined forces to produce this show. We also strongly wish to take the mystery out of classical music and make it less “precious” since all three of us have made it our mission to show that music, and classical music even more, is a universal language which can and must be shared with other Arts and listened to by all ears. 

And we might as well do it with humour and derision/mockery! 

Claire Iselin