Moscow New Generation Theatre (MTYUZ)

Artistic Directors: Henrietta Yanovskaya and Kama Ginkas

The Moscow New Generation Theatre – one of the oldest theatres of the current Russia – began its history in 1920. It was the first in a long line of Soviet theatres given the impersonal name of TYUZ, an abbreviation for Young Spectator Theatre. Over the course of its history the theatre has known successes and failures, but the contrived Soviet notion of a theatre created only for a young audience strictly limited the repertory and, accordingly, the creative aspirations of directors and actors. The most talented among these artists naturally aspired to freeing themselves of the notion of “children’s” theatre as quickly as possible.


This changed in 1987 on the day that the theatre’s new chief director Henrietta Yanovskaya unveiled the premiere of her first production at MTYUZ: Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Heart of a Dog. It not only heralded the beginning of a new era at MTYUZ, it signified the rebirth of freedom in Russian theatre at large. After many long, difficult decades, during which the best theatre artists were compelled to work underground to one extent or another, Yanovskaya’s production symbolized Russian theatre once again speaking freely and openly. It was a voice, thanks to the triumphant tours of The Heart of a Dog, that was heard in Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Israel and Turkey. As Henrietta Yanovskaya says, this simple “children’s” theatre had now become a “theatre for people.” And it became famous beyond Russia’s borders, each of its new productions invariably attracting the attention of the international theatre community.


The Moscow New Generation Theatre is today a theatre of two directors, Henrietta Yanovskaya and Kama Ginkas, the designer Sergei Barkhin, and a talented troupe of actors.


Over the years its productions have received numerous prizes and awards : "The Golden Mask", "The Crystal Turandot", "The Seagull", “The Stanislavsky Award”, “The Moscow Critics Award”. The MTYUZ is often invited by the most prestigious theatre festivals around the world.


The geography of its tours extends from Russia (St-Petersburg, Samara, Vologda, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Surgut, etc.) to France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Rumania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, the United States, Colombia and many more countries. In 1997 and 1999, the productions K.I. from CRIME, The Storm and Tatiana Repina took part in the Avignon Festival in France where they were acclaimed by critics, press and audience.


MTYUZ is famed for its highly talented troupe of actors, all of whom are individually gifted, but who also form a unified, harmonic ensemble. In recent years the theatre’s actors have received numerous prestigious awards: The State Prize of Russia, "The Golden Mask", "The Crystal Turandot", "The Seagull", "The Innokenty Smoktunovsky Award", "The Stanislavsky Award".



Enigma Variations (2018) É-E Schmitt

Stage Director - Kama Guinkas

On the Way to... (Russian Dreams) (2015) based on F. Dostoevsky "Crime and Punishment"

Stage Director -  Kama Ginkas


Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (2014) E. Albee

Stage Director -  Kama Ginkas


Lady Macbeth of Our District (2013) 

based on Nikolaï Leskov’s « Lady Macbeth du district de Mtsensk »

Stage Director -  Kama Ginkas

« The Crystal Turandot Award-2014 » & « The Stanislavski Awards-2014 » in Best Production of the Season & Best Actress categories


Don’t Leave Those Who You Love (2013) Alexandre Volodine

Stage Director -  Henrietta Yanovskaïa

« The Stanislavski Awards-2014 » in The Event of the Season category, the nomination in Best Large Scale Production category by « The Golden Mask-2015 »


Shakespeare’s Jesters (2012) based on William Shakespeare’s plays

Stage Director -  Kama Ginkas


Nocturne (2012) Adam Rapp

Stage Director -  Kama Ginkas


Medea (2010)

based on the texts by Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Jean Anouilh and Joseph Brodsky’s poetry

Stage Director -  Kama Ginkas


A Gentle Creature (2009) Fyodr Dostoevsky

Stage Director - Irina Keroutchenko

« The Golden Mask Award-2011 » in category Best Actor


A Small Ridiculous Poem (2006)

based of the parable «  The Grand Inquisitor » in F. Dostoevsky’s novel « The Brothers Karamazov »

Stage Director -  Kama Ginkas

« The Seagull Award» in Best Stage Director, Best Stage Design & Best Actor categories, « The Stanislavski Award » in Best Actor category, the nomination in Best Large Scale Production category by « The Golden Mask-2007 »



Kama Ginkas’s productions


The Black Monk (1999)

« The Golden Mask » in Best Stage Designer category, « The Seagull Award», « The Crystal Turandot », Grand-Prix at the Baltic House International Theatre Festival in St. Petersburg, « The Moscow Critics’ Award » for Best Production, The State Prize of Russian Federation for Best Actors’ Duet


The Lady with the Lapdog (2001)

« The Golden Mask » in Best Small Scale Production & Best Stage Director categories, « The Seagull Award» in Best Actor & Best Actress categories


Rothschild’s Fiddle (2004)

« The Golden Mask-2005 » in Best Large Scale Production & Best Stage Designer categories, « The Stanislavsky Award » for Best Actors’ Duet


The Happy Prince (2000) Oscar Wilde 

Stage Director - Kama Ginkas


PUSHKIN. DUEL. DEATH. (1999) Kama Ginkas

Stage Director - Kama Ginkas

Kama Ginkas is awarded the State Prize of Russian Federation for this production, Grand-Prix of the Festival tribute to Alexandre Pushkin’s 200th anniversary


K.I. from CRIME (1994) based on Fyodr Dostoevsky

Stage Director - Kama Ginkas

« The Crystal Turandot » in Best Stage Director category, Kama Ginkas is awarded the State Prize of Russian Federation for this production, the production also received awards at many international theatre festivals